August 15, 2021 11am - 5pm
August 16, 2021 11am - 5pm


Eevee Community Day will take place ALL weekend.  Eevee will be appearing more often and it's shiny form is already available during the event's hours on each day from 11AM - 5PM.
From Friday August 13 10AM (PDT) to Monday August 16 10AM (PDT), evolving Eevee into its various evolutions will give each an exclusive move.  Eevee caught or hatched will know the previous Community Day move, Last Resort.
  Community Day Box featuring Elite Charged TM will be available for 1280 coins

Find the Community Day infographic by scrolling down or by clicking here.


 1/4 Egg Hatch Distance

3 Hour Incense

3 Hour Lures

Exclusive Moves

Shiny Eevee Family