May 15, 2021 11am - May 15, 2021 5pm


Evolve Swablu or catch an Altaria to learn the exclusive move, Moonblast.  Lasts until 7pm Local Time
Mega Altaria will be released at the end of Community Day, at 5pm Local Time
  Community Day Box consisting of x50 Ultra Balls, x5 Super Incuabators, x5 Incense and Charged TM available for 1280 coins
Paid Research will be available for $1.00 USD,  Complete "Cotton-Winged Bird" to collect additional items, XP, and Stardus.

Find the Community Day infographic by scrolling down or by clicking here.


 Increased Swablu Spawns
1/4 Egg Hatch Distance
3 Hour Incense

Shiny Swablu Family