Music- Turns Music on and off
Sound- Turns Sound on and off

Vibration- Turns Vibration on and off

Battery- Turns Battery Saver Mode on and off
Share Recently Caught Pokémon with Friends- Shows recent catches with friends in Friend List
Allow Battle Challenges with Friends- Accept remote battle challenges from Friends.
Show Pokémon Ribbon- Shows off Best Buddy ribbon on Best Buddies in various locations in game.
Adventure Sync- Tracks distance and location when game is closed.
Show Sponsored Gifts- Shows Sponsored Gifts from Paid Advertisers such as GrubHub.
Niantic AR- Enhanced AR Mode on various supported devices.
Enable PokeStop Scan- Uses AR mode to scan PokeStops and Gyms to be submitted to Niantic.

Change Nickname- This allows a player to change their nickname in the game LIMITED times.
Expanded Group Transfer- Allows several Legendaries and certain Mythical Pokémon to be transfered at once.


Pokemon Go Plus Settings

Nearby Pokémon- Turns on and off notifications about nearby Pokémon
Nearby PokéStop- Turns on and off notifications about nearby PokéStops
Available Devices- Shows PAIRED Pokémon Go Plus Device.  Click on icon and push button on Plus to activate device


Advanced Settings


Refresh Game Data- May resolve some problems by redownloading game files (aka Game Master)


System Requirements



iPhones 6s or newer with iOS Version 12. Internet connection is required to play.

ALERT- iOS 10 / iOS 11 and iPhone 5s / iPhone 6 was discontinued in November 2020
Bluetooth is required for Pokémon Go Plus compatibility.

 Not guaranteed to work with Apple iPads or iPod touch devices.  
Does not work on JAILBREAK devices.
May not work on iOS beta versions.



Android devices with 2GB or more RAM with Android Version 6.0 installed. Internet connection required to play.

ALERT- Android 5 was discontinued in November 2020
Bluetooth 4.0 is required for Pokémon Go Plus compatibility. May work with some Android tablets with above requirements.
Does not work with ROOTED devices or devices with Intel Atom processors.
May not work on Beta Android versions.


Current Versions

iOS- 173.0
Android- 207.2